Nancy Banks

After studying with Larry Moss for 10 years, Nancy began her career as an acting coach and teacher.

Her goal is simple: to have actors fall in love with the craft of acting so that they approach their work--not as a chore--but as a way of life that thrills and challenges them.
Her belief is that dedication and commitment to the craft is key to everything.

Studying technique passed down from Stella Adler, Sanford Meisner and Uta Hagen and interpreted by and perfected through the brilliant and thoughtful mind of her mentor, Larry Moss, Nancy realized early that having technique is key to one’s confidence.
Living truthfully in the given circumstances and allowing the imagination to thrive is the basis for all great work. Nancy acts as a guide to her student’s own ability.

Her goal is to bring out the deepest meaning of text by teaching script analysis, thus encouraging the actor to stamp a performance with their unique interpretation of the material.
It is absolutely thrilling to watch an actor who trusts himself enough to make specific choices that trigger emotions and truth.

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